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FurnishHopeDC seeks to help residents of D.C.’s Wards 7 and 8 who lack resources to furnish their homes, and thereby help break a family’s cycle of poverty. Roughly 20% of our clients are either grandparents who now have custody of their grandchildren or seniors living in dismal public housing in need of furniture, household goods and occasional company (through our social programs).

We are prepared to give a family or an individual—including our senior residents—everything they need to create a safe and comfortable home so that they might more easily move forward with their lives. We collect and distribute gently used basic home furniture, household and kitchen necessities, linens, baby items, and children’s clothing.

This is all free. Delivery is also offered.

ATTENTION:  The FurnishHopeDC storefront location at 1516 Good Hope Rd, is CLOSED due to the many months of extreme VIOLENCE, as well as the high cost of our RENT.

We are looking for another site in Ward 8.

We’ve rented nearby storage units for the donated furniture & household good, and will operate out of those, our box truck, & a local Community Room in the meantime.

Adriane, FHDC’s Director of Outreach and Client Relations will meet weekly with interested residents at Ward 7 & 8 Libraries.

Please text FurnishHopeDC at #771-215-0529 to learn the weekly schedule, and to make an app’t to request furniture.

We look forward to talking to and meeting you, as always!  Continue to email Niki Mock/Donate Furniture as usual!!

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